The elegant snowball fight

The snowball fight

Date: Late 19th century or early 20th century
Sitters: Unknown
Provenience: Öland, Sweden

A rather unusual CDV depicting two ladies dressed for winter - engaged in a snowball fight! The picture is from rural Sweden and shows them in a garden, dressed in skirts and jackets suitable for the winter and quite fashionable. The ensembles are matching and if you look closely at the clothes you can see trimmings (most notable on the darker clad woman). They are probably quite well off - one of the signs are the little hats they are wearing - poorer women at this time would most likely not have owned something like that, they used shawls instead. The fur scarves they are wearing also hint at some money.

And yet they are involved in a snowball fight! It is not just for show either - note the white in the face and on the jacket on the lighter dressed woman, that's not a damage on the photo but snow! No wonder she doesn't look quite happy...

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