Fashion from January 1845

1845 - January

Date: January 1845
Originally published in: Stockholms mode-journal
Description: A gentleman and four women (and three women busts, or what to call them)

The magazine (translated from Swedish), describes the clothes as (from left to right - but for some reason there is no description of the third woman):
Man in a sleeveless, blue coat, with velvet collar and lined with velvet too. Underneath he is wearing a tail coat with a low collar and wide lapels. To this he is wearing a white, very long piqué vest with gold buttons and a small, standing collar, and a black neck-scarf. The trousers are somewhat close-fitting. 
The woman next to him is wearing a velvet bonnet, with a back made of atlas silk in the same colour as the bonnet. The inside of the bonnet is also lined with atlas. The striped gown is made of green silk taffeta. . Over this is worn a light green cashmere wool coat with narrow ribbons of black velvet and big buttons.
The seated woman is dressed in a bonnet made of silk decorated with flowers. She is wearing a blue silk coat and underneath that a plain, light cashmere wool dress.
[The woman next to her is wearing a bonnet and a blue dress under a lace-trimmed purple coat.]
The woman looking in the mirror is wearing a Spanish mantilla (or as the magazine likes its fashion terms in French: mantille) in black with a hood (in the Swedish text it was called kapuchon - a take on the French termn 'capuchon', nowadays the Swedish word is spelled 'kapuschong'). To this she is wearing a mustard coloured silk dress. 

Note that compared to just a few years later (see here) the different coats and styles have not been given any names.

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