Norwegian woman

Woman from Kristiania
Date: The 1910's
Photographer: Selmer Norland & C:o
Sitter: Unknown
Provenience: Kristiania (nowadays more known as Oslo), Norway

The dress makes it possible to date this photo - because the frame of the photo itself has a look that would offer no closer date and could just as well have been some 20 years older. On the other hand, the dress (blouse? jacket?) is typical of the fashion you would associate with the First World War. This can be seen in the simple silhouette of the clothes, a far cry from the overly intricate fashion from the eras before. Other typical details of this time are the buttons (note the big buttonholes), the asymmetrical piece of lace running down the front of the clothes, and the soft collar, reminiscent of sailor or middy collars.

The dress looks quite expensive - the lace is definitely of an expensive kind, if it's home made (which I doubt) it must have been done by an expert. I suspect it has been bought. The white collar with the little bow is quite exquisite and the fabric of the dress (blouse? jacket? you really can't tell, can you?) seems very soft with an almost velvet-y quality.

I have no idea who this woman is. The photo comes from a family album, but this is the only photo in the collection of her - and the only photo from Norway. It is possible she is a Swedish woman who moved to Norway and sent a photo home to old friends and family.

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