Woman from Vetlanda

Woman from Vetlanda
Date: Late 19th century or early 20th century
Photographer: B. Bolling
Sitter: Unknown
Provenience: Vetlanda, Sweden
This a great example of the fashion at the turn of the 19th century - when the blouse was becoming a favourite piece of clothing for many women, more practical worn together with a skirt than a dress. And as can be seen here this did not necessarily mean that the blouse was not a fancy garment. This blouse is in all probability home-sewn, but elegantly so. Note the lace on the front of the blouse, the creases on the sleeves and of course the high collar - also with lace. This blouse is really a show-piece.

The brooch is a rather typical late 19th century piece, but the necklace is a bit more original - and it is hard to say if the design is crude or edgy and modern (for the time).

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