The woman in a coat

Woman from Målilla
Date: Late 19th century or early 20th century
Photographer: Thyra Jensen
Sitter: Unknown
Provenience: Målilla, Sweden
Against a painted backdrop with birches and a stream this unknown Swedish woman shows off her quite elegant coat and walking stick. I have a quite extensive collection of vintage photos, but I do not have all that many showing women in coats - generally they prefer to show off their dresses (but for an example of a coat-dressed lady, see this photo - though admittedly that is a lady with quite a different... flair). Why this woman chose this outfit, and to pose with her walking stick will remain a mystery.

Whatever her reason, her clothes, attributes and general pose reminds you more of a portrait of a man from the turn of the last century than a woman. But a woman she is, most definitely.

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Anna said...

Min första tanke, vad manlig hon ser ut! Var det vanligt på den tiden??? Absolut inget fel på det dock, det är ett mycket fint foto!