Fashion from 1845

1845 - Victorian women

Date: 1845
Source: Unknown
Description: The colours of this plate have rather washed out, probably by too much sun but you can still trace a light green in the dress on the woman to the left and a light blue on the woman to the right. The colours were probably darker to begin with - and the dresses at this time were often in shades darker than these.

The dress to the left is a common day dress, worn in the daily life of most women at the time - complete with the bonnet of the married woman (or elderly women who were unmarried, but considered themselves off the marriage market). The woman to the right is wearing a walking dress, a little bit more formal than the day dress, meant for wearing when venturing outside - for example when paying a visit to friends. The dress is completed with gloves and a bonnet and a shawl. Shawls could be worn instead of a coat, and were rather big garments, matching the big skirts.

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