Pop-culture woman of the week - Rinoa Heartilly

Name: Rinoa Heartilly (リノア・ハーティリー Rinoa Hātirī)
First appearance: Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
Creator: Tetsuya Nomura
Weapon/ability: Blaster edge
17 years old

Rinoa is the out-spoken, head-strong, emotional female protagonist of the eighth Final Fantasy game to hit the market. She is the obvious opposite of the male protagonist - Squall Leonhart (a sure sign that love will develop).

She enters the story at the SeeD celebration party, coming to the school were the other main characters get trained for combat - an event she participates in to get a chance to speak to the head-master. She wants to hire some SeeDs to help her with her task of helping out the Timber Owls - a resistance group which she is leading (though not very successfully - and things get even worse once they try to help out).

But in spite of her short-comings in this episode, she is willing to learn and to help were she can, so she tags along for the rest of the adventure - which is not always such a good thing as she gets possessed, and at one time almost get thrown into outer space and has to be saved from time to time.

Rinoa spends most of her time wearing black shorts with a short, blue denim skirt on top of, a halter-neck top and a knitted, long, sleeveless blue duster sweater - with white wings on the back. But the first time Squall meets her she is wearing a light yellow cocktail-dress.

(She is actually the daughter of the woman that Squall's father had a crush on - before he met the woman that would become the mother of his child.)

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ParaKat said...

You know, FF8 bothers me for a lot of reasons, but I always loved the random connections between Squall's dad and Rinoa's mom and such. I love stuff like that in stories.

Though I can't really stand Rinoa. She...wasn't very useful in the game. And kind of annoying. I much preferred Quistis. :)