Photo of the week - Marie Jensen

Date: 1907
Photographer: Emil Clausen
Sitter: Marie Jensen
Provenience: Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a photo of the Danish woman Marie Jensen, taken in 1907, at a Copenhagen photo-studio. The somewhat unusual shape of the photo is due to it being cut - probably to suit a frame (the most common reason for old photos being 'resized').

The sitter makes a rather simple, but very neat, impression. Her hair is combed up, but not into such big waves as could be popular at this time. Her blouse has a high collar and is decorated with hem-stitching in a quite intricate pattern. She does not wear any visible jewellery.

On the back of the card is written, with a pencil, in Danish "Til min søster Stine fra Marie 1907." [To my sister Stine [probably short for Christine] from Marie 1907.] A later writing adds "Marie Jensen Datter af [daughter of] N.P. Jensen Thisted [a town on the Danish peninsula Jutland], born in 1882.

If anyone should happen to know anything more about this woman I would be very happy to know - so far my research has given no results. For example it could be interesting to know how it is that this photo was taken in Copenhagen when she came from a small town many miles away - if it is, as is most likely, that she had moved to the Danish capital for some reason. She does not seem to be married, at least not at the time of the when the picture was taken, since the second note on the back most likely would have mentioned that - and whoever made that note was not her sister Stine but some third party who knew who she was, but who was not an immediate family.

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