Photo of week - Danish woman, 1898

Date: December, 1898
Photographer: Joh. Crone
Sitter: Unknown
Provenience: Copenhagen

This is a photo of a young woman - or even possibly a girl. You only see her from the front but it looks like she does not have her hair up, but just braided and hanging down on her back.

Her dress is of a modest cut - high collar and rather small sleeves with little frills, in a way that can only be described as fashionable (as can be seen in this fashion picture of children's clothing from 1899 - especially on the girls to the upper left). The collar seems to be of some sort of printed fabric, which at a first (though admittedly quick) glance looks like lace, but obviously is not. Since lace was quite expensive and it is a whole collar it would probably have been quite out of the question - even if the girl came from a rich home. If she isn't that old it is also possible that it would not have been seen as quite proper for her to wear something like that.

She does not wear any jewellery.

I do not know who the girl is, but the photo is dated on the back to December 1898 - which would seem very likely. The date seems to be written in ink and in a hand typical for the time around 1900.

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