Pop-culture woman of the week - Purim

Name: Purim
First appearance: Secret of Mana (聖剣伝説2 or Seiken densetsu Tsū)
Creator: Koichi Ishii
Weapon/ability: Magic (mostly healing)
Race: Human
Age: Old enough to marry

Purim is the female lead character in the Super Nintendo game Secret of Mana. She hangs around with the two other, male characters: Randi och Popoi.

Purim's father is the servant to the king of Pandora and she is in love with the head of the royal guards, Dyluck. In short this is not a game where the leading lady spends the whole game chasing after the male lead. She enters the game running away from home when her father has decided that it is about time for her to marry - and she is not interested, she just wants Dyluck.

She meets Randi who is close to become a goblin dinner, but she runs away from him without having told him her name. Their paths cross again and she joins the party - for which the player is eternally grateful since she possesses healing spells and is generally handy. She is a good fighter and a good comrade, but when it comes to her love-life she really has no luck. Dyluck is kidnapped by the witch Elinee and handed over to the big, bad boss Thanathos who does his best to take control of Dyluck's body. Dyluck ends up dying to do what he can to save the world.

Then it is up Purim and her two friends to do the rest of the world-saving.

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