Photo of the week - Woman in white

Date: 1911
Photographer: Unknown
Sitter: Unknown
Provenience: Probably Denmark

On this lovely photo of a woman dressed in a white, or at least very pale, dress is written the year 1911 - which fits well with both clothing and hair - and a name I can not read. The first letter is obviously an I (or possibly a J) but apart from that it is a mystery. The photo has been cut, in all probability to fit in a frame, so it is no longer possible to figure out where the photo is taken. But I found it in Copenhagen so there is a good chance it is Danish (though you can never be sure - photos were sent all over the world to friends and family).

The woman is wearing an evening gown in a light and bright material, accentuated by both tassels and beads. The dress is somewhat shapeless around the figure, but that was popular at the time, the era after the Victorians and before the first world war - when it comes to fashion also known as La Belle Époque.

In a time when many who went to the photographer did not wear any jewelery at all, or maybe just a ring, she can show off quite a few. She has a bracelet of some twined metal, a small necklace hanging on a thin chain and earrings. Her hair is long, kept flat on the skull and made into thick buns at the sides of the head. She also has a small fringe, slightly curled.

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