Pop-culture woman of the week - Anne Elliot

Name: Anne Elliot
Appearance: Persuasion (1818 - posthumously published)
Creator: Jane Austen
Weapon/ability: Endurance
Race: English
Age: 27

Anne Elliot is a rather unusual heroine of her time, being somewhat passed her prime - she is after all 27 - and she had lost her one love eight years prior to this story when following the advice by others. She had been persuaded by her good friend Lady Russel, acting in the role of her mother who had passed away earlier, that it would be a good idea to break off with the handsome but penniless Captain Wentworth, then a lieutenant.

When the story begins the Elliots are in a bit of financial trouble with her older sister and father living beyond their means - they are nobility and really try to act the part too which is not doing anything good for their economy and they have to let their home, Kellynch Hall, to settle in Bath. Anne is not interested in going their and first she goes to her married younger sister, a sister who is married to a man who first proposed to Anne but was turned down since she still was in love with her captain.

But as fate, and the book-plot, would have it Anne meets Captain Wentworth again - this time he is still as handsome as ever but he has gained economic status as well and everyone is quite taken with him. Anne knows that she is still in love - and he makes it clear early on that he has no interest in the woman that once turned him down and instead turns his attention to the two younger sisters of Anne's brother-in-law.

The photo is from the film from 1995 by BBC with Amanda Rooth as Anne (Susan Fleetwood as Lady Russel and Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth). The story has also been filmed in 1960 and 1971 (as mini-series) and in 2007.

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