Photo of the week - Seated woman in white

Date: Around 1900
Photographer: Carl Sonne
Sitter: Unknown
Provenience: Copenhagen, Denmark

Yet another unknown Danish lady appears as photo of the week - but even though we do not know her identity the photograph makes her live on long after her death (whenever that was).

The woman is seated and for once it is a photograph of someone not looking into the camera, but away into an unknown distance - seemingly lost in thoughts and with an absent-minded smile on her face.

Her clothing tells the tale of her being a part of the upper classes around the turn of the last century. Her dress is white (or at least very light, but it is probably white if you consider the fashion of the time), and it is covered with fine embroidery and light lace. It is a summer dress and not a dress made to work in - in any way. Her rather slim waist is accentuated by a waist-band of silk in some colour, though not a very dark one.

Her hair is pinned up in a coiffure that softly encircles her head and is topped with a bow - though surprisingly enough the bow is of a darker colour.

The one thing that is a bit surprising is the fact that she is holding something in her hand, which looks suspiciously much like a handkerchief, rolled up into a little ball. But why anyone would want to have their photo taken with that so close by is beyond me.

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