Hair-do of the week - Roman woman of 260 AD

This is a Roman portrait bust of a woman dated to circa 260 A.D. It is made of marble and is here shown from front and the side.

The late Roman portrait busts are perhaps not as beautifully made as earlier ones, but it clearly shows the hair-fashion of the third century, which was quite elaborate.

The hair was artificially curled in even waves that was formed around the head to resemble a helmet. But the hair was long and the lower part of the hair was then pinned up to make the big, oblong bun at the back of the head, all the way from the nape up to the top of the head. Around the face there were small curls that serves as a contrast to the rest of the hair.

Who this woman was is not known.

The copyright of these pictures belongs to me - I've taken them myself.

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