Hair-do of the week - Modern geisha

For once the hair-do of the week is a modern one (of a kind) and just shown from the behind.

This is not the place to enter into the specifics of the old and traditional ways of the geishas of Japan - though I might do so in a later post.

The geisha hair-do shown here really shows off well the old traditions mixed with new influences. When looking at old, Japanese paintings the women all have thick hair pinned up which forms a rather circular-shaped coiffure.

But the back of the head is also quite a master-piece in the more elaborate hair-dos. The round shapes, typical of the geisha hair-fashion, is preserved here and enhanced in different ways. The hair is generally shaped in a symmetrical way, but the adornments attached to the hair is most typically not. It is also clear that this is a way to do the hair that was meant to be admired from every possible angle and still look intricate and beautiful.

There are generally some sort of adornment close to the forehead, in this case the dangling white and red thing - though they are not always this big (and easy to get in the way). Artificial flowers and fruits are another common topic in the decorations, here in red, green and pink - matched with silver. But there are also very common, not to say essential, to have hair-pins tucked into the hair-do to make it - Japanese hair-pins tend to be rather thick and long and made of wood and so they are in this case too (they can be spotted close to the top of the woman's head).

This is not the way to put up your hair if you want something that will not restrict your ability to move, but apart from that it is really stylish way to live out a tradition several hundreds years old.

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