Fashion of the week - Coat and eveningwear of 1835

This is a picture from 'Pariser Modeblätter' - a German fashion magazine which showed the latest fashion-trends from Paris, the fashion capital above all others.

Like many of these pictures it shows two dresses of different kinds, in this example an evening-dress (on the right) and a coat (on the left).

Both clothings show the typical profile of the 1830's: big, puffy sleeves, a really narrow waist and big skirts. Gloves were always necessary to wear in polite company when out-doors or at a party, and something on the head (though it is hard to distinguish if the evening-wear actually includes a little bonnet or if it is just some kind of advanced hair-ornament).

The blueish green coat is completed with a broad collar, similar to a cape, covering the shoulders and the upper part of the arms, and a smaller one in white - probably a loose one that could be taken off (to be washed separately). The dress is completed with a shawl, yellow gloves and a bonnet placed on the well-combed hair.

The ball-dress is white - a colour not yet exclusively associated with weddings -with pink ornaments, ribbons and roses. The broad-shoulder silhouette is achieved by sleeves made of lace in layers. The attire is completed by a black ribbon around the neck as a necklace, white gloves that almost reaches the elbow and a fan. The hair is also pinned up in a more elaborate way than in the day-version of dressing standing next to her.

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