Pop-culture woman of the week - Princess Garnet

Name: Garnet til Alexandros XVII, nickname 'Dagger' and 'Sarah'
Appearance: Final Fantasy IX (2000)
Creator: Yoshitaka Amano (original character designer)
Weapon/ability: Staff and racket/Summons and white magic
Race: Summoner
Age: 16 years

With the release of Final Fantasy IX the game creators aimed at combining the new technique with the concept of the old Final Fantasy games - and the somewhat 'chibi-esque' quality of the characters of the game, i.e. their comparatively big heads, can be attributed to this.

In this game the princess Garnet is the female lead and like many women before her in this game-series she is a magician who can control white magic, magic which is not meant to hurt but to cure and help, and fights, rather badly, with a rod. She is dressed, for the most of the game, in a yellow jump-suit and a white shirt. Her hair is long and dark. When she enters the game she is wearing a white cloak, an in-joke as it is the attire of the white mages in earlier games of the series.

Garnet lives with her mother queen Brahne in Alexandria, a mother she used to get along with, but her mother has started to act strange and Garnet is desperate to get away so that she can get to her uncle, the king of Lindblum. But before she has a chance to get away she gets kidnapped - by the hero of the story, Zidane, who has entered Alexandria with his gang Tantalus, disguised as actors. As this is kind of suits her plans she goes along with it and manages to go to Lindblum.

Garnet, or Dagger, as she opts to call herself now that she is away from home, realizes that she has to do something to figure out what is wrong with her mother and to stop her. Her mother on the other hand will stop at nothing, including extracting the eidelons that her daughter has in her body - eidelons being powerful, magical creatures. But Garnet in her turn learns more about her true self, and how to wield powerful magic to safe both herself and the world in general. In the end she grows considerably as a person and is ready to take on the responsibility of a grown-up as the next ruler of Alexandria.

The first picture of Garnet is the concept art of Yoshitaka Amano - including a sword which is something she never uses in the game. The second picture is one of Garnet from the actual game.

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