Hair-do of the week - Jacqueline, 1503

This is a portrait of a French girl named Jacqueline, painted in 1503. Both the style of her dress and her hair-do makes you associate with grown-ups, but in reality she is just a child.

She is, of course, unmarried (to marry off children happened, but it was not that common) and has therefore no real reason to cover her hair. But it was the most common thing to do if you were a proper lady and married which made the married women somewhat dictate the fashion of the time when it came to head-wear. The result of that is obvious when looking at this girl who has the hair up and most of it covered up.

It is impossible to say if her hair is naturally curly or if it was curled. When viewing pictures from this time it is obvious that it was some kind of ideal with at least slightly curly hair and there are more than one picture of the virgin Mary with curly hair.

That this is someone from the top of society goes without saying. This also means that the girl is dressed in the latest fashion. Her lite cap is decorated with pearls, obviously to match the rest of the dress. The dress and the cap is a matching set, the back of the cap has the same pattern as the sleeves of her dress and the pearls can be seen at the cuffs. It is a dress that all in all must have cost a fortune - and it was all bestowed upon a child. A child dressed up to look like an adult woman.

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Sara K said...

Any idea why she's holding an armillary sphere?