Hair-do of the week - Japanese Americans in 1943

The pin-curls was the one thing that really defines the fashion of female hair of the 1940's. Almost every woman, or at least every woman who cared the tiniest bit about fashion, had them - some way or another. This picture shows three different ways to interpret the pin-curl fashion, with rather different results.

The hair-dos were made in a way, generally speaking and not just in this example, to show off as much forehead as possible. This meant that the hair was either combed back or there was a bang, but it was combed upwards and back to create a look similar to a wave. The bangs could be either straight or curled and sometimes there was a ribbon or a bow-tie attached to it.

The hair itself was somewhat longer than to the shoulder and kept straight at the back and almost always curled (this achieved by pin-curls, worn mostly during the night) at the edges. Since it was curled the resulting hair-do reached the shoulders but not much more than that. it was a rather practical hair-do, but was kept even more practical by the women often wearing a net around the hair to keep it out of the way.

The photo shows three Japanese American women, who studied biology - and very ostentatiously showing their acceptance of the American culture.

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