Fashion of the week - Evening costume, 1826

This evening-dress from the summer of 1826 clearly shows how the regency fashion turned into the Victorian which was going to be the most central for the rest of the century. The white dress is made of Urlington lace and has only slight signs of the heritage from the regency. The waist has returned to its normal place (or at least very close to it) making the bodice sit tight on the female body and giving it shape. But the silhouette of the dress is still rather thin. This is is a dress for the evening and it was in the evenings that the fashion could turn to the more extreme forms, but still the skirt is rather slim around the legs of the wearer.

By today’s standards we would probably see the skirt as both big and cumbersome, but compared to the crinolines that were to come this was a breeze, close to easy to wear. Another thing that connects the dress with the times that were was the colour. By now the dresses could be very dark in colour, but this dress is white – and made of lace which makes it light.

All in all an excellent example of the transitional time that was the 1820’s when it comes to female fashion.

This dress is from the English fashion magazine ‘La Belle Assemble’, published in June, 1826

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