Pop-culture woman of the week - Ce'Nedra

Name: Ce'Nedra
Appearance: First time in the Belgariad
Creator: David Eddings
Weapon/ability: Bad temper
Race: Human/dryad
Age: In the beginning she is 15

The strong-willed and not very mature princess in the Belgariad, written by David Eddings. She is the daughter of emperor Ran Borune XXIII of Tolnedra and the dryad Ce'Vanne, making herself half-dryad which makes her stature small and her aging very slow. Her most prominent feature is her red curls which she has in abundance and her short temper - being raised as a princess has made her a rather spoilt person.

As all Tolnedran princesses she is destined to be sent to the kingdom of Riva to offer herself to the king as a bride - though there is no king on the throne at the moment (and has not been so for generations). Ce'Nedra has no intention of doing so and runs away - straight to the arms of the party that is the main focus of the story.

This party includes the young Garion who in turn will be revealed to be the heir to the Rivan throne and thereby the king that Ce'Nedra will have to make an offer to on her 16th birthday. And since the prophecy says it will happen, it does - no matter how much she doesn't want it to. Not that she doesn't learn to care for and like him, but she is not someone who is easily forced into anything.

She later becomes his bride, the queen of Riva and the mother of Geran and Beladaran - and it is hinted that they will have more children later on.

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