Photo of the week - Christine Jensen and Anna Pedersen

Date: 1905-1910
Photographer: Th. Ellemo
Sitters: Christine Jensen and Anna Pedersen
Provenience: Thisted, Denmark

It was by pure chance I found both these pictures in the same set. They were in a big pile of old photos and not even close to each other. But I did and I am glad that is the case. It is a charming set of pictures of two friends in the late teens or early twenties.

They are both dressed in the fashion for ordinary young women of the 1900's. They are both wearing skirt and blouse - it is less evident if you just look at the first picture that the woman in brighter colours has that too, but when you look at the second it becomes evident. The woman to the left has broidery on the blouse (best seen on the second photo) and the clasp on her belt is very art nouveau. The cross around her neck is big and a bit more crude to the form. The woman to the right is dressed in lighter colours, with a high collar and also a cross as necklace. She is also wearing a chain around the waist that is linked to a watch that is tucked into the folds of the blouse.

Their hair has been pinned up, the hair of the woman to the right seems to be a bit more fashinable - just as her dress seems to be. It is, however, impossible to determine if that has to do with different economical situation or just a difference of taste.

According to the hand-written message on the back of the first photo are the sitters Christine Jensen, married Berthelsen, born in 1887 and Anna Pedersen, born in 1888 and dead in 1919. It is however not possible to determine who is who and which one of these ladies died just 31 years old.

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