Portrait of the week - Young girl in a green dress

This portrait, painted by Tamara de Lempicka, is know both as 'Portrait of a young girl in a green dress' and as 'Young girl with gloves'. It was painted somewhere around 1929.

Lempicka's pictures captured the spirit of the 'Jazz Age' quite exquisitely and this is one of the most famous of them. This is a prime example of the art of the Art Deco period and the end of the roaring 20's - right before the Great Depression.

The girl is dressed in day-wear to be outside - shown by the big hat and the gloves. The frilly, green dress is all over the place and reveals quite a lot of her body, and it hard to say if that is due to a hard wind or if it is an artistic touch to add more life to the motif.

Tamara de Lempicka was born as Tamara Gorska in Poland in 1898. She moved with her husband to Russia, but left at the outbreak at the Revolution and went to study art in Paris. She soon made a name of herself and her way of painting became famous. She mainly did portraits, erotic nude studies - and still lifes of calla lilies. It was all very popular during the 1920's and 1930's. At the outbreak of World War II she moved with her (second) husband to the US where she had a quite successful decade as a painter, and as a figure of gossip - much due to her love affairs with both men and women. But by the 1950's the world was loosing interest in her art. She died in 1980. By then her art work had been revalued and was once again starting to get appreciated.

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