Pop-culture woman of the week - Tohru Honda

Name: Tohru Honda (本田 透)
Appearance: Fruits Basket, manga in 23 volumes. Also in the anime based on the series.
Creator: Natsuki Takaya
Weapon/ability: Love/house-keeping
Race: Human
Appearance: 16-18 year old Japanese high-school student

Tohru Honda lives by herself in a tent after the death of her mother in a car-accident, she has a grand-father but does not want to intrude too much on him and the rest of the family who views this kind-hearted and genuinely nice girl as highly suspicious - much due to her mother being a gang-member in her youth.

Tohru is so far from being a gang-member as you could possibly get. And she is determined to not let the hard times get in the way of her going to high school which she had promised her mother to do. But destiny throws her in the path of the Sohma family. There is the writer Shigure who lives with his two younger relatives Yuki and Kyo (both of them the same age as Tohru herself) and none of them are any good at housekeeping. To solve the problem for everyone Tohru moves in and gets food and a roof over her head if she takes care of the household.

The big problem for the Sohma family, though, is not their lack of being able to cook a decent meal or how to move a vacuum-cleaner, but that they are cursed. At chosen moments they turn into animals - Shigure the dog, Yuki the rat and Kyo the cat. But Tohru is not afraid of them, instead she chooses to stay on, genuinely caring for them - and the rest of the family - and they soon learn to care for her too.

To Shigure she is the girl that can finely put an end to the curse of the family (though he does not know how), to Yuki she becomes the caring mother he never had (his own having literally given him away to be a plaything to the master of the family which has emotionally scared him severely) and to Kyo she is the girl he falls in love with.

The manga has reached it's conclusion in Japan, but is still being released in the US, there they have reached volume 19.

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