Goddess of the week - Toyotama

Name: Toyotama
Location: Japan
Sphere of influence: The sea (as the daughter of the Sea God)
Famous statues/portraits: None

Toyotama or Toyotama-hime (hime meaning princess) is a figure from Japanese mythology. She is also know under the name Otohime, and her name is spelled 豊玉姫 in Japanese.

Toyotama was the daughter of the sea-god
Ryūjin, which means dragon-god. When his palace was visited by the hunter prince Hikohohodemi no Mikoto, searching for a fishing hook that belonged to his brother and which the prince had lost, the goddess became interested in him and a marriage took place. The prince liked life in a beautiful palace at the bottom of the sea and stayed there for three years with his lovely wide. But he became home-sick and decided to return to land.

When they were ashore it was time for Toyotama to give birth to their child, and instructed her husband that he absolutely could not watch her while giving birth. Which he of course did. It turned out that she gave birth in the shape of a dragon - perhaps not so surprising since she was the daughter of the dragon god. But it meant the end to the marriage and Toyotama took off, leaving her husband to take care of the child, Ugayafukiaezu, but she sent her sister to help him out. The sister and the nephew eventually got married and they became the parents of the man most famous under his posthumous name: Jimmu-Tenno - the first emperor of Japan.

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